Diastasis Recti Program

This Program Is Designed to Help Moms Dealing with Any of the Following:

Diastasis Recti: The separation of the 2 large parallel sets of abdominal muscles right on the centerline of the abdominal wall. 

The Post-Baby Bulge: A result of diastasis recti and/or weight gain during pregnancy. 

Defining Your Abs and Core: Whether its weight gained during pregnancy or the months and years following as you adjust to this new lifestyle.

Incontinence: Accidental urination or loss of bowel control.

Back Pain: Often caused by weight gain during pregnancy, the position of the baby, and/or complications during delivery.

Vaginal Pain: Discomfort and vaginal heaviness and bulging following pregnancy and childbirth.

Low Self-Esteem: Being a mom isn’t just physically taxing, it’s emotionally draining as well. It can be difficult to feel comfortable and confident again.

This Program Includes:

At-Home Self Check

My 6-Week Program will walk you through a diastasis recti self-check that you can do from home. You’ll also learn the 6 exercises that you should avoid when focusing on your core, as well as tips you can implement to prevent your diastasis recti from becoming worse.

Top Nutrition Tips

Nutrition is key to increasing your recovery, building your core, and taking back control of your body and health. Learn my Top Nutrition Tips for a healthy postpartum diet. You’ll find out the little secrets I recommend that will help make a big difference in the way you feel, recover, and look!

Favorite Foods List & Portion Guide

Broken out into carbs, protein, and fats, this list covers my Favorite Foods in convenient 100-calorie portion sizes you can use to stay fueled and satisfied. You’ll also be given a Portion Guide, so you can learn how to combine and mix these macronutrients to fit your preferences and needs. Lastly, you’ll be given an approved veggies, herbs & spices, and flavorings list you can use to help enrich your meals!

6-Week Postpartum Nutrition & Movement Plan

Get a 6-Week Blueprint of at-home exercises, complete with instructions on reps, sets, rest time, and photo demonstrations.  As part of this step-by-step exercise plan, you’ll be given foundational movements and exercises you can do to start restoring your core, building that ab strength and pelvic core strength, and bringing that confidence back! You’ll also get a Nutrition Plan, so you can customize and track your meals, as well as a Reflection section, where you’ll be given prompts to help you feel empowered, positive, and in-tune with your body and emotions.

Postpartum Depression Tips

Postpartum life affects us all in different ways and at different times. Get expert tips and advice for dealing with postpartum health so you can take care of your physical and emotional well-being as you journey through this newborn stage.

Abs After Baby Is For Any Mom Who Is Experiencing Any of the Following:

- Just had a baby 

- Deals with ab separation 

- Struggles with low self-confidence and self-esteem 

- Doesn’t think she can ever lose the “baby bulge” 

- Suffers from back pain, posture problems, and/or vaginal discomfort postpartum 

- Experiences incontinence  

- Wants to get her body, abs, and mind back on track

How will I receive the Abs After Baby Program?

Once you've purchased the Abs After Baby Program, you'll have the option to download the eBook in three different ways:

1. On the Order Confirmation page. 

2. You're confirmation email.

3. Through your account on TransformHQ.com

Can I repeat this program?

You can repeat the Abs After Baby Program as many times as you'd like.

What comes with the Abs After Baby Program?

The Abs After Baby Program comes complete with the following:

- 6-Week Postpartum Nutrition & Movement Plan 
- Favorite Foods List & Portion Guide 
- Top Nutrition Tips 
- At-Home Self-Check

Is this Abs After Baby Program for me?

If you are dealing with ab separation, low self-confidence and/or self-esteem, incontinence, or if you're just wanting to get your body and mind back on track, then this program is for you!

How long is this program?

The Abs After Baby Program is a 6-week guide to help you restore your core and diastasis recti!

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