Buying Food in Bulk

When online or bulk food shopping at warehouse stores, look for:

  • Large bags of whole grains and legumes (oats, rice, lentils, beans, etc): a 3 month supply is about $25
  • Protein Powders: a 3 month supply can cost about $60-90, depending on how much you consume daily. This comes out to about $.20 per scoop – although necessary protein intake will vary with each individual, this could mean you’ll get several shakes for less than a dollar!!
  • Frozen Cruciferous Vegetables (great for steaming): a 2 week supply will be around $14
  • Poultry (we use frozen chicken breasts – nice and lean!): a 1 week supply is about $20
  • Root Vegetables (squash, potatoes, and sweet potatoes): a 2 weeks supply will be around $10
  • Frozen and Fresh Fruits: a 2 week supply will cost you around $20
  • Flavors and Seasonings (garlic, onion, cinnamon, or whatever you prefer): The cost of these is just pennies per serving!

**Prices may vary by region and country.

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