What are the 8 types of Carb Cycles for the Nutrition Plan

There are 8 different variations of Nutrition plans that we use, based on your body and goals. They are:

Slingshot Cycle: A consistent high carb plan with a reset day once a week.

Fit Cycle: A high carb plan with intermittent low carb days and reset day once a week.

Easy Cycle: A plan with reward meals every other day for a flexible lifestyle.

Extreme Cycle: The consistent plan used on our TV show with multiple high carb days followed by 2 low carb days.

Classic Cycle: A traditional cycle of alternating high and low carb days.

Turbo Cycle: A lower carb plan with intermittent high carb days and a reset day once a week.

Ultra Cycle: An extremely low carb plan with single high carb day and reset day once a week.

Keto Cycle: A modified ketogenic diet for special dietary and lifestyle needs.

Coach Chris Doxsey did a fun Facebook Live video about which nutrition program to pick here - https://www.facebook.com/cdoxsey/videos/10100583488845831/

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