Other Signs of Weight Loss Besides Pounds

Other than pounds on the scale, what are the ‘signs’ I need to watch for when losing weight?

Clothing and Inches – Pay attention to how your clothes are fitting. They are an incredible gauge of your progress. 

Energy Levels & Body Temperature - These will fluctuate as we cycle our nutrition from High to Low Carb days. You will notice a nice boost of energy and a body temperature rise on High Carb days as your body consumes higher quantities of "fuel." Low Carb days (low ‘fuel’ days) will result in decreased energy and decreased body temperature. Don’t be alarmed if you feel your ‘energy-zapped’ and a bit foggy-minded without all of those carbs. This is normal and it’s only temporary!

Water Retention and Flushing – One more reason NOT to rely only on the scale.If you insist upon weighing daily, you will notice that your weight fluctuates with your high and low carb days.  Our bodies will naturally retain water during High Carb days, and flush water during Low Carb days. As a result, there will be some noticeable fluctuation on the scale.  You may find yourself up 4 pounds after a High Carb day, then down 5 pounds after the following Low Carb day.

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