Alcohol and Weight Loss

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Let’s get real here. If you like to have a drink every once in a while, we totally understand. Transformation is about finding a healthy balance in your life. The key here is to keep your alcohol consumption in moderation – to just one or two low calorie drinks per week is ideal – but it is imperative to implement ‘damage control’ to prevent it from ruining your transformation progress!

When you drink alcohol, your arginine vasopressin hormone, also known as your antidiuretic hormone, is blunted, and you “accidentally” drain a LOT of water! This massive release of water over several hours leads to severe dehydration and that pasty mouth the morning after, and a pounding headache.

However, because you were basically dehydrated for such a long period of time—between 8-10 hours, your body responds hormonally and uptakes massive amounts of sodium and water and holds on to it for at least 3 days. This can REALLY mess with your head because you forgot about your drinking episode on Friday night, but the scale is up 8 pounds on Monday morning!

To prevent this, you MUST rehydrate your body BEFORE going to sleep and further dehydrating yourself. Drink at least 1 quart of water WITH an electrolyte powder (like our Hydration Drink Mix!) or tablets. This totally rehydrates your body, preventing the pasty mouth, the hangover, and the 3 days of severe bloating afterward.

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