Does the App have a Keto Program?

We do not offer a true medical Keto program. True Keto programs have a macro breakdown of around 90% fat and 5-10% protein. They have been found to have significant positive effects on some populations and neurological conditions. However, we leave medical Ketogenic programs to doctors and healthcare practitioners.

What we do offer is a ‘modified’ Keto program; basically, something considered a cyclical ketogenic diet. We front-load carbs in the morning, then the rest of the days’ meals are all low carb. This will kick people out of ketosis every morning, then most will end up in ketosis later on in the day (depending on biochemistry and activity levels). Then once per week we have a high carb ‘refeed’ to boost metabolism, load glycogen stores, etc.

Our main purposes for the ULTRA and KETO programs are

-To slowly re-introduce carbs to extreme low carb dieters


-To provide a program for those who’s body responds favorably to consistent low carb diets.

However, users following a TRANSFORM plan, will not be guided into ULTRA and KETO programs, as they were initially created for our coaches to help transition clients to more carbs, but we chose to open them up to everyone to allow more flexibility in choices for a nutrition program - since there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

NOTE: To access the ULTRA and KETO plans the user must manually select them from the ME>Program section of the app.

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