Which program should I choose if I want to lose weight and add some lean muscle?

You can actually lose weight and develop muscle in ALL of our programs: Bodyweight Weight Loss (Beginner and Advanced), Physique, Cross Training, AND the Dance Program! When it comes to your program, we suggest selecting based on your current level of fitness, and the equipment that you have available. Plus, you have access to ALL transformations now, so try them all out and see which one is the best fit for you.

The program that will help you the most depends on a LOT of factors, and you are the only one who can really decide what will work best for you.

Coach Chris Doxsey did a fun Facebook Live video about which nutrition program to pick here!  - https://www.facebook.com/cdoxsey/videos/10100583488845831/

Here is a Blog Post from Heidi that has a detailed description of each plan we offer in the app: https://heidipowell.net/2713/carb-cycling-101/

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