What’s the difference between Boost Shot & Perform Pre-Workout?

While both Boost Shot & Perform Pre-Workout contain caffeine, they each contain additional ingredients and are designed for different purposes.

Boost Shot is a zero-calorie drink mix created to help replace unhealthy, calorie- and sugar-packed juices, energy drinks, and sodas. With 120 mg of natural caffeine in a sustained-release formula, you’ll get a prolonged, gradual energy boost that increases with time. This, combined with the additional ingredients to help support focus and energy, makes it a great drink mix to use for a mid-morning and/or afternoon pick-me-up where you feel like you are dragging!

Perform Pre-Workout was designed to support your workout performance through several different methods. This pre-workout is designed with 150 mg of natural, instant caffeine, so you can get an immediate, shorter burst of energy to help you power through your workout. But that’s not all. Perform Pre-Workout contains additional ingredients, including L-Citrulline, Arginine AKG, and more to help support blood flow and oxygen to the muscles. This can help you intensify your training so you can push yourself through your workout and accelerate your training goals. Plus, Perform Pre-Workout also provides an Electrolyte Blend. This pre-workout was created to help you give your body the workout it deserves!

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